At Smart Home HQ we believe that the smart home is the future and we want to help make that a reality now. Taking advantage of the latest home automation technology across multiple platforms and converging them together for ease of use while removing the stress of competing standards (i.e. google, apple, amazon, et cetera).

While major brands are competing for market share and proprietary protocols, they often make it difficult for users to combine technologies for that “whole-home” automation experience. We bring in the knowledge as well as bridge those gaps allowing home automation devices to work together and provide a prodigious user experience.

Smart Home HQ prides itself in customer service and strives to be the home technology consultant/service delivery for homes of the future today. Through an innovative approach with strong research and development we look to provide the latest technologies for the masses.


If you are looking to just purchase hardware or you don’t know where to start, Smart Home HQ has you covered. Smart Home HQ is Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati’s premier Smart Home firm servicing Residential, Construction, and Real Estate markets. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your next Smart Home project.

Bringing Smart Technology to your Business is just as easy as your home! We offer a small business VOIP Phone system powered by 3CX and a cloud hosted Video Management System that can grow with your business.


Local or Cloud

A Phone system that will grow with you.

Interested in running your own cloud server, managed 100% by you and running 3CX all on your own?

Use the 3CX Express tool to deploy a 3CX server directly to Google Cloud, OVH, 1&1, or Amazon.

Alternatively you can also download and run the software on your own Windows or Debian servers. Download the Free Version to get started.

Click here to find out about the different versions or contact us today for a quote on phone hardware and management options.

Eagle Eye Simple System Diagram.png

Cloud VMS

One location or many, secure access from anywhere.

Upgrade the functionality of an existing analog camera system, upgrade to the latest HD IP cameras, or bridge the two types together through an upgrade plan. All while having secure remote cloud access to your footage anytime while making it easier to download or share clips to those who need it fast. Move your DVR to the cloud and alleviate the concerns over hardware DVR failure or theft.

How it Works



Schedule a consultation

A Smart Home Architect will come onsite to your current (existing) or future (new construction) Smart Home and walk through to go over what you would like to accomplish, recommendations for what you didn't know you could accomplish, and how to give your home that wow factor.

Take away: At the end of this appointment you will have learned more about home automation, and the Smart Home Architect will prepare and email an estimate to move forward to making your home smarter.


Estimate Approval

After receiving your estimate you can reply to your Architect with any changes you would like to make and the estimate will be updated and sent back for review. Once everything looks good you will approve the estimate and an invoice will be generated for the hardware and a minimum of 1 hour of labor.  You will receive an invoice credit for the amount of your completed paid consultation. Additional labor and added hardware will be billed at the end of your installation.


Installation and Programming

An install appointment is scheduled and all items installed and basic programming of Audio/Video, Remotes, and Home Automation equipment is performed. The Smart Home Engineer will show you how to use the basic features of your new equipment including the corresponding mobile app on iOS and Android if available.

After mutual agreement the appointment will be completed and closed out. Final invoicing and payment will be taken at the end of the appointment.

Ongoing Support and Programming

After the installation is completed we won't leave you hanging if you need assistance, we will provide continues support and programming to customize your home automation whenever you want to try something new. You can pay current hourly rates, buy bulk hours, or purchase a monthly support agreement.

We support popular brands like Samsung's Smartthings, Homeseer, and Vera. We do have our go-to systems that we recommend if you do not have your own preference. Smartthings is great if you are looking for a polished mobile app and rapid community driven integrations with popular services like Ring, Arlo, Sonos, Echo, and many others. Smartthings is cloud based so you may experience outages if your internet is out or online services are having issues. If you are looking for a security-first self-monitored platform that can integrate with your old alarm wired sensors with local processing then Zipato is for you. If you are not sure which route you should go with, setup a consulation today and one of our Smart Home Engineer's can help.

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